Tuesday, August 9, 2011

today: woman v. storage unit

the fight continues.  right now its hard to tell who is winning.  trouble is, my storage unit is comfortable.  there's air conditioning, piped in music and it's very quiet - like a sanctuary.  my unit is in the basement so i feel sheltered.  you know in case of an emergency.
so you see, the storage unit has cheating powers.  it gets to my weaknesses.
of course it has the ultimate power of all over me.  it has my stuff.  i find when i get there with the music, shelter, etc.  i begin to look at my gigantic piles of artstuff no longer as my enemy to conquer.  but my long lost friend.
i couldn't even bring myself to throw out old lists of stamps i bought in 1999.  it's bad.   in fact i longed to do a bit of embossing right then and there.
ok, so there are my dried out paints - they can go, but not my dried out inks - maybe they can be respirated with a bit of warm water.
ha!  i thought it would be easy to throw out old photocopied images - especially the ones that i have duplicates of.........it was easy throwing out my husbands old papers.  not the same.  i found a few images of a 1920's ballerina that i had photocopied from a library book in 2002.  i tried to tell myself that i could always go back to the library and photocopy it again if i so desired (i already only painted her about a million times).... in the trash box it goes......then again....what if the library no longer carries that book.  it was an old book.  i still kinda like ballerinas.........ugh, back out into my stash it goes.
this is how my storage unit confuses and tires me.  and easily gets one up on me.  i am aware of the tactic, but i can't overcome it.
i thought of bringing a friend who is not interested in the least in arts or crafts to help me remove stuff quickly and painlessly.......but i have tried that.  before long,  i find myself in the storage units camp defending it and throwing out the friend.
oh dear.
so today wish me luck.  as i leave the house i feel determined and confident.  woman can win!!!!


priti.lisa said...

I hear ya sistah! LOL, good luck with it...I bet you come across something so inspiring that you will drop everything and run home to paint!

Alison said...

Lisa I have so enjoyed reading these posts. They have made me laugh. With our efforts to pack up and move back to Australia the conversations have gone like this recently in our house.
R:'Ali, do you really need to ship this all the way back to Australia'
Me 'Well of course it is one of my treasures'
'But Ali why'
'It just is/I really love it/It might come in handy one day/I'm sure I'll never find another one like it/etc'
'Oh my love, you are such a bower bird' (as he patiently places it into the box)!

I think it goes with the artistic temperament!

lisa bebi said...

allison what? already moving?
if you feel weird when you get home for the first month or so, its only because your cultural status has changed to transworld. or transcontinentsplusafewoceansinbetweenfromtheupperhalfoftheworld. what a cultural wonder you are now!
my heart goes out to you about packing though.

Angela Barribeau said...

Lisa, I feel your pain!!! I'm the same way! I've read about other artists like Caldwell, who had a huge, massive warehouse type building with everything imaginable, and wonder why can't I have that??? It would be such a dream! Or Andy Warhol, did they sit and try to organize? I doubt it, they just created, and created, and created... I wish I could be like that. Ok, I'm rambling... Just thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings. Good luck to you and what you would like to accomplish! Hugs, Angela

L said...

submit to the storage unit! ahh...just leave it - you never know. spoken like a true hoarder, i suppose.

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