Monday, August 8, 2011

it was so lonely.....

out there....trying to shop.
today i took my 16 year old daughter shopping for back to school clothes.  her school starts wednesday.  if you ask me that is too early.  but no one ever asks me.  so here we are.
we went to the downtown mall called horton plaza.  its a beautiful labyrinth of a place in the old gaslamp district of san diego's downtown.
but the mall feels like walking in peewee herman's playhouse.    the floors, the steps, the escalators are all part of entangled maze; an elaborate excuse to keep shoppers confused and stuck in the plaza shopping until they really do drop.      
there are plenty of stores and specialty shops open, enough to keep a teenaged girl interested in buying (with her mom's purse) items.  (it don't think clothes are called clothes when you purchase them - they are then called items).

anyway, we worried that there was a bomb threat earlier or someone called "fire".  why else would it be like this?  the shops were there and they were open, but no one - like a ghost town, was shopping.
sadly i think it is the economy - making visible what we all fear.  there just isn't enough money to go shopping even for school clothes anymore.  only essentials.  and essentials you don't really buy at a mall.  personally, i look for them at discount stores.
i have been uncomfortable and worried about our (as a nation's) financial future.  today really drove the concept home and a stake through the heart.
we could hear our own echo. for god's sake.
finally rosie did buy a few items, but not much - not even shoes....always my favorite back to school accessory.
so, yes,  it was that bad.

maybe aliens stole everyone away.......aliens run around naked don't they?  so why would they care about nordstroms.  interesting.  why would they be there if not to steal humans?  i wonder.  were they there at all?  hmmmm.

oh god, i think the labyrinth messed up my head.

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minnie said...

oh such a sad story.....i hope people dont become so fearful, they stop living....and i am also glad you were fearless and went out there.....shame on them for making us so fearful, and love your take on the naked aliens....we should be so grateful for all we have....

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