Thursday, August 4, 2011

a quick little piece.....

to show sisterhood or friendship.  it can be that simple - a nice gesture to show how you feel.

just want to announce that i will be teaching 2 classes at artfest 2012.
teesha moore runs artfest , an annual art retreat.  its 11 years old now.  she was the first as far as i can tell to come up with the idea of having instructors and students meet for a long weekend.  this works out nicely because the classes take place in fort warden, townsend, washington state (only a short ferry ride from seattle). and since it is a fort - it has a very "at home" incubator feel to it.   instructors and students sort of live together and have lunch together -the experience is robust and keeps everyone inspired for the whole year.
of all retreats out there, i like this one best ......
*blush* maybe because it was my first. *blush*

each year teesha selects the coolest, most original and interesting assortment of instructors who teach unusual classes.   and projects.  (me included - i hope :).  many instructors are well known to the art community.  they are rock stars.
this keeps the same participants returning year after year.
and i think we instructors try very hard to outdo ourselves in bringing it on - that something special that you will not get anywhere else.  it's an honor to teach there.
the students are very involved.  there is an artfest yahoo group that stays active all year.  they cook up ideas like having small art piece exchanges, book collaboratives and swaps of all kinds.
washington state is beautiful - healthy fresh air.  sometimes it rains a little, but mostly it doesn't during our retreat.
even though we are only a hop, skip and a jump away from fork, washington - i have seen no vampires or pasty looking teenagers.
anyway, i'm excited.
i'm teaching a vintage style of painting using old village images and the oversaturated polaroid look using photocopies of snapshots.
just google teesha moore's name with the word artfest.  you will find it.  check out the offering list, you will see what i mean.
and .......loose fitting, sloppy, weird waredrobes are positively accepted. 

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geogems said...

You go girl. Congrats!!!! I love Art Feat! Haven't been able to go the last few years so I will live it through you--- if that's ok. Have fun---it's a win- win for everyone!!! hugs, geo

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