Monday, August 1, 2011

headache, plus...

in case you were wondering, i did a great job of maintaining my "bleacher butt" status over the weekend.  my "go rosie's" were pretty good too.  considering.......
 it was all a extra special effort because i felt awful.
when i woke up friday, my head was totally clogged and i have a splitting headache and was generally feeling like death and i wanted to stay in bed.  but this weekend was the jr. olympics,  i needed to overcome the pain if i wanted to make finals in cheering "go" and bleacher sitting (my two best events).
i tried very hard to pamper out the cold.  but it didn't work.  i tried everything.   i took dayquil, hot towels, had a sauna, vapor rub on my chest,  gargling salt, gargling honey, steam bath (with my favorite lavender scent) and then a steam bath while gargling with vapor rub while rubbing lavender on my chest, but nothing worked.  i was beginning to panic.
i even sat yoga style with my hands turned toward God and asked if he would pleeeeeaze help me overcome my problems.  but  God had bigger things to do.

so i  had to work around it.   i rested until it was time to spring into action.
luckily during warm ups and in prelims, my "go" voice held up ok to the other moms' cheering.
listen,  you have no idea how loud and tenacious these women can be.  some even resort to two fingers high pitched whistling.  (if you ask me that's cheating).  definitely worse than a man's whistle.  ear drum puncture awful.  but i fought against them too.

i made finals.  during lunch i noticed my throat was swelling up and my voice was sounding raw.  i gargled ice water (yes.  in the restaurant).
i rested again.
during finals i managed  to shout "goooooo rooosssie" robustly early in the race.  but my voice was going down fast.  in her last 10 meters to the finish my throat failed me.   i really didn't think i could do any more.  i took a big deep breath and  remembered how important this cheering was, i managed to squeeze out one last sound - it was a pubescent sounding squeak- a tiny little "go".    but it was enough.
well done.
we (rosie and me) wanted first place but took third.  not bad the sickly.   i took my weary bones home to rest.  this whole sequence repeated itself for day 2 and day 3. 
yep,  3 days of sitting and screaming.  by the third day my throat was toast and my  "go" sounded like an a soft, pathetic asthmatic wheeze.   then nothing at all.  there should have been a memorial for it.
 i have to say, i was still treated with respect by the other moms - they know my long winded track record.  i smiled and waved to everyone.  it was embarrassing to be seen with a defeated voice.

as for bleacher sitting - i'm a champion - hardly anybody ever defeats me in this event.  i did my best performances over weekend.  the headache and sore throat didn't effect it at all.  i think i might be in running for the national team.   at least that's my goal.
(.....dreaming with soft looking thought bubble...) maybe one day the olympics.  i could compete against mrs. phelps............

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Minnie said...

Lisa. Hope you get some rest. That was a tortuous day for you. What we won't do for our kids. Xxoo

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