Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DVD "rosie in the garden"

here is the black and white that we paint in the DVD "rosie in the garden".  with the purchase of a DVD you also get this image (on paper) written instruction, materials list and a full color copy of the very one i did for this video.

SPECIAL DEAL UNTIL JUNE 1:  this DVD is $12.99 (instead of $35.00) until june 1 (when we leave for 3 weeks in italy).

the reason i have placed this DVD on sale is because i am celebrating my daughter's awesome WIN at CIFs (california interscholastic federation) in swim - she took first in 100 yard breast stroke and 6th in 200 free.  also, just last night she was awarded MVP for her high school's girls swim team.   

she was phenomenal and formitable to watch.  she did the 100 yard breast in 1:05.72!!!  there was smoke coming off the water.  she looked like a bullet.  she is now only .04 away from consideration for the All American Swim team.  i'm not worried she will make that.  she is determined.  plus she has another year  of high school yet.

the profits from these sales will go to her for fun in italy this summer or whatever she wants.  she has worked very hard and desires it.

so the Bebi s are in full on celebration mode which means it will continue all summer long. :)

to purchase the DVD for this special price,  look up at the top sidebar on my blog here.  it's called "rosie in the garden" swim champ  DVD.  rosie will thank you.


Joy Logan said...

GO ROSIE!!!!!!!!!!!! and YAY moms help!!!

Joy Logan said...

LOVE ya Lisa looking at all your new pieces here and your classes and students work........yum!

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