Saturday, May 21, 2011


in honor of my young 16 year old daughter's giant victory today at the california interscholastic federation (CIF) i am placing the "how-to" DVD painting "rosie in the garden" (age, 6)  for $12.99 instead of $35.00 from now until we leave for italy june 2, 2011.

look up to the very top of my sidebar for a paypal button that's identified by "swim champ" for this special deal.

in case you know swimming ----she swam 100 yd. breaststroke in 1:05.74.  she smoked 2nd place by 2 seconds.  we are so, so proud.   she's only .04 off "all american" consideration (national team) time.  we are in for a fun ride now.  AND she has a full year of high school left.  proud, proud, proud.

anyway, enjoy the DVD.  its' a simple, easy to follow "how to" paintover style painting technique as seen in the book "Art At The Speed of Life" (amazon)by Pam Carriker.

meanwhile, can you tell i'm a happy mama?


moonwoman said...

That is absolutely awesome and definitely worth celebrating!!! Congrats Rosa from all of us!

Joy Logan said...

yes CONGRATS again!!!!!

Joy Logan said...

YAY ROSIE!!!!!!!

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