Sunday, May 29, 2011

stretch your creative side...

its really a nice feeling to be able to freely create without worrying about rules, viewers' opinions or worse, your inner critic's remarks.

the best remedy for it is to close your eyes and just create.  if not that then, take whatever items are on your art table right now and collage them into to something that is either meaningful to you personally or pleasing to your eye only.
finally, i like to paint with instruments that are too large for the job; .i.e. extra large paintbrushes.  this way there is no way i can get overly detailed.  try it sometime.
my other favorite way to create freely is to draw with my left hand.  i like getting surprises instead of controlling everything.  
also i hum "born free" as i work.

i am  back in business with my DVDs (i was sold out) "rosie in the garden" still has a special price of $12.99 until wednesday.

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