Tuesday, December 21, 2010

daily painting......carousel near eiffle tower, paris

this was a fun one to paint - love the bright colors and the purple-y night sky.   i think what we would find at the bottom of the carousel would be lots of snow.  cold and snow.  oh boy.   i only hope our plane lands on schedule  or even lands at all.
i bought  some wool socks today.  i also bought "cuddle duds" - satiny long underwear.  i'm excited to wear them - i know that sounds weird, but it's true.  i am thinking of putting them on right now as a matter of fact.  as pajamas. 
i hope there are no seams in them - i hate seams in pajamas.
if i wear them, i will wear them inside out so i won't be bugged by the seams.
i wear lots of stuff inside out.  mostly the clothes that i paint in.  i rather do that than wear an apron.  i guess because i don't like that tight feel of the apron strings around my middle.
i think my local vons store staff is used to seeing me with my clothes inside out by now. i have only been showing up there like that for about 20 years.  i forget to change them right side out. then there the acrylic painted face i always have.   not to mention my hands and nails.
those are always covered in bright tones.
so how did i get from the paris carousel to talking about my long underwear and painted face?  i have no idea.  i feel as though i have been on that carousel for years on end.  that might explain why i' m always disoriented.

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