Monday, December 20, 2010

daily painting.....above the seine

this is from my friends photo.  she let me use her paris pictures -she is a pro photographer.   so nice and generous of her.  i tried to do the oversaturated look here but missed the mark a bit.  the boat and river look odd.  also i think i used too many colors.  the hookers green on the tree of the bank looks wrong.  i feel bad because her photos are so nice.  i feel like a kid who takes a crayon and scribbles over pages in a coloring book instead of carefully coloring them.  i used to bug the heck out of my brother when we were small - always a scribble mark here and there on his books.  i would never let my kids do that - BTW.
maybe i will try this one again - and use less colors.
so, last nigh my husband and i stayed at a resort here in san diego called paradise pointe.  i get mixed up and call it pleasure pointe sometimes- and that just sounds wrong.
anyway, it really is a paradise...driving into the resort  ---it looks enchanting with trees lit in chrismas lights.  the trees line the way in for a long while deep into the resort.  then we ate at the baleen which is a fancy restaurant right on the bay. last night was the parade of lights on the bay, so i was completely amused (clapping hands) as each boat went by.  so cool.  the the room was a bungalow.   big room, big enough to have a good size party in.  in fact the bed looked out of place in the room - although its was a california king sized bed it looked lost.  i have always wanted to spend the night at vacation village now paradise pointe since i was a little girl.  i remember it being built!  it was close to the opening of sea world.   i remember when sea world was built too.
so now i want to hold an artist retreat there.  it's a perfect place for a retreat. we can all drink and stumble to our bungalows without care.
so thank you so much danea and keith - it was beautiful. a dream come true.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what the over saturated look means, but I love the boat and the river and the foreground of the painting. But I feel like I want the back of the painting to come more into focus with a little more color...but maybe that,s the idea of the over saturated look?

Regardless, it's beautiful picture!

One more piece of unsolicited advice from a non-artist...let the grandkids color outside the lines!

Mary Jo

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