Wednesday, December 22, 2010

daily ferris

this painting...such as it is........this is what happens when you go out for mexican food and have a  swimming pool sized i sit at 4:30 am trying to get my daily painting up.  makes no sense...but there it is.
as i research paris for things to paint i realize they have a lot of carousels and amusement park features.  when i think of paris i think of the heavy, bulky architecture as in the hotel deville, or the bridges over the seine or boulevards cut out of the cement city in a kind of snail pattern....i don't think of carousels first off.  or a ferriswheels for that matter.
i will make a point of visiting these things of joyful amusement, past-times, curiosities...imagine your city having several carousels sprinkled here and there, one more ornate than the last.  sure, we have parks in our cities with beautiful trees, grass, benches, swing-sets.......but how about a ferriswheel or carousel right in front of a department store or hotel? or an ice rink for the public to use?
maybe its just my city.  i know chicago has its (the original) ferriswheel and london theirs.  its not the same as it is in paris though-where  it seems the amusements are seamlessly part of the city as natural as sidewalks. 
we will be staying near the moulin rouge - that's a whole other kind of amusement...still, its so classy, unlike a seedy downtown district.
i'm just musing at now 4:40 a.m.
ok back to bed for me.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful and dream-like. I love how the ferris wheel is so full of color and light, with a star like image in the middle. It's like traveling to the stars. I like how it brings a sense of wonder and childhood delights, blurred a little by the cares of adulthood. Thanks for sharing it.

Joy Logan said...

wowwwwwwwwww all these you busy bee!!!

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