Wednesday, October 27, 2010

more photos of gubbio, italy

one thing gubbio is famous for is its wonderful ceramics made by local artesans.  i happen to have met a few of them.  they speak english.  which is nice.  one man, grillio, who is a master's master taught in the states for a little while.  he offered to let me come in for a free lesson.  can't wait.

 a few cars with permits are allowed to park inside the medievial gates of gubbio.  gubbio is a fortressed village on a hill.
 one of the less narrow passages.  see the road sign.  this is a thoroughfare!
 a little climb to the top of the village.  no cars allowed here.
a main boulevard.  this street is very wide.

 roof tops above the wider streets.
 town square.  the piazza.
the passageway by our house.

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