Wednesday, October 27, 2010

retreat, anyone?

my mother-in-law has agree to let me use a large house in the country for an artist retreat.  just wondering if anyone out there would be interested.   it would be the cheapest week in italy anyone could ever dream of.  and spouses welcome.  here is the neighboring town where the house sits in the country (but on an accessable street).
here is scheggia, italy:

god loves the italians - just look at their beautiful land.

smells devine.

tucked in rolling hills.

not completetly unpopulated.

so quiet.

but accessible to a moderrn city - just  minutes away.


smArtee said...

Wow That sounds devine..I just asked my hubs if we could go...He said I could...problem is I cant get off work...what a lovely offer you have given..!

Nina and/or Ruthie66 said...

Wow! Looks amazing, Lisa. My dream is to go to Italy one day. I just need to save my money.

lisa mitchell said...

What a beautiful location!
hmmmm! According to GoogleMaps, I could drive there in about 13 hours!
Maybe it'll be a
"you come to mine,
I'll come to yours"!! :D

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Oh my, that looks wonderfully tempting. I'll watch for further details.

Carina said...

I plan to be in Europe late April early May next year. I would love it if these two events would coincide. I know you will decide based on your own time-lines, but a girl can dream.

Anonymous said...

When would the retreat be? Or is it already over??? Would love to do it if I could plan ahead. U teach year round so would have to get the time off...spring is best.
Helen Gordon (

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