Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gubbio, italy

down our street.
October 26, 2010
this is where i am right now. it smells liked roasted chestnuts. the weather is fresh and stings the face a bit. this is my husband's hometown. we are staying in his parent's home in the room where my husband was born and also it's the same room where his father was born as well. there is a lot of family history here. the streets are cobble stones and narrow. no cars allowed inside the gates - at least not without a permit. i love to listen to italians speak in this town; it is full of soft melody which is soothing to the soul.

we spend most days going to the cemetry where my father-in-law was just laid to rest last friday. that's a tradition that we don't have but i wish we did. it is so grateful and respectful and it helps mend a broken heart. god bless luigi bebi. you are missed.

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Susan Bainbridge said...

Thanks for a look into another culture. I'd love to see some interior shots!

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