Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my daughter brooke's recent trip and travelogue of san francisco......

last weekend brooke and carlos went to san francisco to watch the chinese new year celebration and parade amoung other activities.  she shared her photos with me - i must share them with you here.

first of all, you must understand that my daughter brooke somehow ends up in the strangest places with the weirdest people. as a small child she was always talking to strangers. she was a constant worry to me. i can't tell you how many times a person would come up to me smiling largely saying that brooke was their new best friend. or sometimes people would ask this: "is this your daughter?" "yes"
"well, she is very talkative, i thought you might be missing her".......
"your daughter sure is smart, she has been talking about _(fill in any subject matter here)___ for hours".

she was a baby nerd.
 anyway, so she and carlos go to the chinese parade in san francisco and brooke of course makes new friends - she says she drank a little bit too. so here is the little photo trail of what happened in SF.

here is brooke seen arriving in san fransico.   look how happy she is to be there.

next we see brooke sightseeing - a happy tourist.

she happens upon the chinese parade - wow! look at those crazy oversized puppets. brooke decides to drink a little.

brooke of course made new best friends with the local crazies. they drank together.   too.

Oh my lord, look at the size of that dragon's head, isn't it cool! brooke loves the parade so much she decides she might like to join.

brooke doesn't remember/know how she became part of the parade. she only remembers that she really really liked the dragon.  at the end of the day, brooke found another new best friend!  ( she has no recall whatsoever) look,  she hooks up with this guy!who happens to be the current mayor of san fransico.  don't they look darling together?  the end.


Schatzie said...

Lucky girl. The San Fran Mayor would make for a steamy catch!

Susan said...

Ummm...I don't think that's actually Gavin Newsom (the mayor), but I'm glad she had fun anyway.

brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

Susan, that must have been why he was riding in a car in the parade that said "Gavin Newsom, Mayor" and wearing a name tag that said "Gavin Newsom, Mayor" and why he looks like the pictures of Gavin Newsom the mayor, no? Three seconds on Google would have confirmed that I was not lying.

Have a nice day.

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