Thursday, March 4, 2010

gARTage sale my house, march 13

hi everyone.
i am hosting a huge gARTage sale next saturday, march 13 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at my house (garage) in La Mesa.

we will have several artists selling their studio overflow -i.e. art supplies, papers, books, tools, craft materials etc.  i don't think there will be art for sale (that's a different event).

if you have something to sell, you may bring it early with a tag on it.
the tag needs to have this info on it:

you name
your price
short general title of item (i.e. paper, pens, paints, etc)
a place to mark "sold" and a place to write the final bargaining price.  
then duplicate that info onto the same tag so that we can tear that tag in half.
half the tag goes to the cashier and the other half goes back to you.

or you could stay and help and sell you own stuff.
and, if you are interested in bartering - just bring your stuff and hang around for awhile to barter with whomever may be present.  i will leave that part to you.
if you feel so inclined bring starbucks!  to share with me!  ok.

if you donate stuff to sell or just leave your stuff behind, i will take it to a charity organization like AMVETS or Goodwill.
if you are interested in attending or participating email me at  for my address.  i don't want to post my home address on the internet...
thanks, lisa bebi
if it rains, its called off.

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