Saturday, December 12, 2009

pulp fiction, 1960's....

the other day at the used book store i saw these old trashy books and fell in love with them and their old covers.  i was laughing to myself about some of the titles, clearly outdated and not PC.  like my fave here is "Way of a Wanton" and "Take a Murder, Darling" - hey, that's no way to speak to your secretary!
so yeah, i have been clearing out my studio - so what do i do?  yep, i bought two big boxes full of these books.  (don't tell my husband).  i admit i am a book freak.  i really can't pass up a bookstore used or otherwise.  i don't know why - i do love to read, but look i bought these for their covers.  crazylady.
last christmas my husband bought me a Kindle.  you know, from amazon, and thin, light weight computer thingy that can hold a trillion books in it and it has grey letters which are easy on the eyes.  that thing already broke!!!  i am writing to amazon and complaining.  it won't recharge.  ughh! argh.
i did read a number of books on it.  i really began to think that i was going to make a big change over to the digital world of books.  its great you can buy a book without leaving your bed.  (i read in bed).
when you turn it off  - it will remember what page you were on and goes right to the last page you were reading.  very convenient.
books, paperbacks in bed can be hazardous.  the mere sound of pages turning can wake up a normally loving man and turn him into a, well, angry bear at 3:30 a.m.
i know i'm not the perfect bed partner........BUT, i'm  better than i was with my first husband.  in those days i woke him up eating sunflowers seeds in bed.  i tried that a couple of times with my current husband - i am AMAZED that that guy can be snoring (loudly, even) and mid-snore he can shoot up outta bed, take his pillow and go sleep somewhere else.  like the bathroom floor.    all because of the sound of cracking open (muffled and under the covers, mind you) sunflower seeds!  jeesha.  it's not like i get the bits on his side of the bed.  its me who has to suffer....

i finally stopped doing that.  he was just too grumpy the next day.
so i guess it was not a big surprise that he bought me a quiet kindle for xmas last year.  only thing is......i still love paperbacks, or even hardbacks, and i still like to sleep at odd hours. or should i say, read, at odd hours.  i did get a dimmer night light.  dimmer than the floodlight i had before- of course i kinda need to point it in the direction of his face - cuz that where i hold up my book to read.  what?  its more comfortable facing that way.  i have seriously thought about reading upside down in bed - but then i would have to get a more powerful night light and point it toward his feet.  hmmmm.  naw, i don't think i wil do that.

i used to drive him crazy typing on the keyboard late at night -that's when i preferred to wear my nails long and fake.  he would do that same half-snore wake up and then ask (in his sleep, but all irritated) when -are-you-going-to-come-to-bed.?.  and, what-time-is-it. ?.
so i bought a laptop and have moved downstairs with it.  i also work in the art studio/dining room at night.  trouble is, its right under our bed.  i just have to do quiet work.  i can't use the copier, chopper cutter,  heatgun, electric drill or electric hammer, or saw.  i found out.
dang.   i want to know how he got to be such a light sleeper, because when rosie as a baby he couldn't hear shit.
OK, i better go to bed now.  i'm getting obnoxious.
i'm being naughty and breaking my own rule: never criticize a family member on the blog.
i am a baaaad, baaad girl.
for christmas, if you are on my gift giving list - expect to get a vintage trashy novel.



Susan Bainbridge said...

Lisa, you are so funny. I hope to see you tonight if I can drag myself away from Ramona!

icandy... said...

I can soooooo see you creating with those vintage books, girl!!! Have a ball and I would love to see how a few turn out!

*jean* said... are tooo funny...

those books are great! can't wait to see what you do with them...

i love sunflower seeds but i would be living in a box on the street if i ate them in bed....thanks for the outloud giggles...

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