Sunday, December 13, 2009

SD regional show at escondido municipal gallery

my painting entitled" ringling road trip" took second place and it SOLD!  see the red dot on my title - yeah, thats what that means--- sold.
i'm very happy.   i got  cash award and sold money.

i also got a second painting in the show.  i really like that one - it is one that i created using my friend/fan Joy Logan from Baltimore's family pics.  i posted it all in my photo album on facebook.
well, i'm tired.  i was painting right up until time to accept the award - well, nearly - i wished i had dressed nicer - but.  so, now, its time to go to bed and read.  i can already hear my hubby snoring.
(see previous post).  no sunflower seeds though.


Molly Hubbard said...

mine snores so badly i gave up a year ago and sleep on the couch. one day he said to me, "so it's come to this."

icandy... said...

CONGRATS!!! Lisa, great job!

Mary said...

Congratulations. Wonderful painting!

Studio Sylvia said...

Wow! Well Done. Congratulations. I like your palette.

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