Wednesday, December 9, 2009

busy, busy next few days.....

OK so
FRIDAY: i will have a few art pieces (wedding art) at Windemere Realty friday night for Christmas in the village in La Mesa on La Mesa Blvd.
SATURDAY: - come visit me and see some new art - a few great new pieces of vintage robot paintings at my little gallery in escondido, Escondido Arts Partnership,  5:30 p.m. - 7: 00 p.m. - i will have a few Xmas goodies to give away  - while supplies last.  (see side bar for address)
SUNDAY:  i get to help juror a show in Temecula put on by their city council for the arts - a regional show - and also on sunday, the WCA Xmas party at Ciao Bella's in La Mesa - starts at noon.
 MONDAY:  come take my workshop and learn something new, see sidebar for details at the Stamp Addict.

after that i lose track on what i am doing......  oh, yeah, my BIRTHDAY is dec. 16!!!   i plan to celebrate for the rest of december.
AND, if anyone wants to get on my Xmas card list, email me your mailing address - you have until dec. 18.  my email is  my mailing address is on the sidebar somewhere.  its a PO Box - not my home in case there are some stalkers out there.  normally i welcome stalkers, but i'm too busy this time of year!  ;  )


Mary said...

Hi Lisa,
I noticed you signed up to follow my blog. Thank you. I think I have a lot of the magazines you have been featured in, will have to go back and to a look.

You work is wonderful!! It's so much fun to discover new artists. I love this blogging thing!!

Hope you find some time to relax during your busy weekend.

Oh early Happy Birthday. Yours is sandwiched between my two sons birthdays! 28 and 30. Can't believe my oldest will be 30!!!

Diana Trout said...

Ha! Sounds like you are indeed busy. I liked the stalker bit.

kitasmom said...

i have time for 1 more stalker. and that's it. i mean it - no more. when is your birthday?? mine is the 28th. of course i'm older. Linda

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