Wednesday, November 25, 2009

today: 2 things to be thankful for......

that's me by the pool with a work in progress (see last post) of my mom and me as a baby in red).
so i got my advanced issue of Artist's Cafe - best of somerset studio art and design in the mail today. i am proud to say that i am in the publication twice. one (pg. 82) is my very first interview and the other(pg. 46) is my art and article about personalizing christmas cards. i want to thank amanda nolan executive editor for placing me in this awesome magazine with only their topnotch submitting artists. such an honor.
the other thing that happened today was i found out that my newest painting called "ringling roadtrip" (which i don't have a pic of yet) was awarded 2nd place - which means cash - from the san diego regional show entitled summation at escondido arts partnership. this is wonderful news - i have entered 3 times this year and received 3 awards, one 3rd and 2 seconds. i'm liking this track record.

and as you might know, earlier this week, i got my advanced issue of Art Quilting studio and was in that as well.
so this week i have had lots of recognition - always a welcome thing.

however, i have to confess . i am beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. i know this is going to sound flip - but i don't mean it that way - what i mean is i am getting uncomfortable about bragging about myself. i know some of you have probably fallen off their chair over this. but its true. its kinda like an itch under the collar feeling
i am thankful for my recognition and i feel i should share - plus, i feel its my responsibility to my field and family that word gets about about my successes, but dear me, its a lot. (and i know there are many of you that have had much bigger successes and you are thinking - gawd just look at her, she is getting all hoity-toity about herself).

so tell me, must i mention everything? if i don't mention something would that be a snub? an extravagant motion - like a shoulder shrug and a flick of the hand -as though the honor was really nothing - when it is?
like, "oh well, its just another award."
or do i pound it out to everyone, making sure i know everyone knows. this is risky because you can easily turn off people - hell i have turned of myself!
its an ugly "fix" to be in - i guess this is why business people hired PR firms. they hire someone else to do the bragging for them.
hmm, i'm wondering if i should start a group of artists where we share public relations..... for instance my duty would be to brag about renee and renee's duty would be to brag about jaime and jaime's duty would be to brag about joan, and joan's duty would be to brag about me, etc.
hey i kinda like that idea. i think i will present it to my art friends. what do you think?


verobirdie said...

People have worked to create a magazine, and to populate it with articles about artists. Others have set up exhibitions/challenges to promote art and artists. Those people need recognition of their work. In my opinion, it is the duty of the interviewed persons, or participants to let the world know that those magazines/exhibitions exist, and that they do their part to promote art. So you must tell the world about your interviews and awards. Even if only to let other artists know that this is possible to gain recognition.
yourself, you have worked to gain access to those magazines/exhibitions. It is the way to prove future customers that you are worth the investment, so that they buy art from you. It is not bragging, it is promoting your work. Any shopowner will be proud to announce he/she has a record sales, why not an artist?
Rather than creating a group with each member "bragging" on behalf of another member, why don't you set up that group, and hire a PR for the group? A PR knows what to do, and does it well, while an artist creates arts and does it well...

Jaime Lyerly said...


It is easier for me to write/brag about other artists, but I can understand you starting to feel uncomfortable about it. It is great to be able to promote your work, and if you are excited about it - post away. But if you are starting to not feel good about it, how about once a month posting the awards for the last month all together. It will still give your collectors the information they need without you feeling like every post on your blog or FB is "hey I got an award!"

I don't have any art awards under my belt yet, but I do feel uncomfortable about all the honor societies, recognition and scholarships that I have won as a student. I am excited when I win these things, but when does it become bragging? I guess when you are no longer proud and excited to share the information.

I love both ideas presented here about the PR. Either the artists get together and post about each other (which should be happening anyway) or we hire a PR person for the group. The problems with the PR person is that each artist in the group would have to have similar styles, goals and level of success for it to work. It is something worth thinking about though.


lisa bebi said...

wow! your comments are very intelligent and noteworthy. i want to thank you from deep in my heart for coming to my aid on this matter that has created alow grade depression. silly huh? i get recognized and therefore depressed - who does that?
anyway,verobirdie, love the idea - and i have to say it never occurred to me. now does anyone know how to come up with an artist PR person or perhaps art coach?
not just someone who would step up to the plate but someone with experience and really knows what to do with artists.


anna maria said...

I can understand your dilemma, but on the other hand the art you do is your life, and it is what you focus a large portion of your blog on, so if you were to show and talk about the work you do, but not talk about getting into magazines and receiving awards for it, it would be a very incomplete picture and somehow odd. That's my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa - what you have and are achieving is a mere statement of fact! not bragging! And I don't say that just because I love you. I love this pic you have done of Ruby I miss her - and you. Love Rona x and although i did send an email on Rosie's birthday - Happy 15th again Rosie! Hope you are enjoying your aquarium. xxx

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say (slap) HAPPY THANKSGIVING reminds me of the ones i have spent with all of you. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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