Monday, November 23, 2009

another view of my mom.....

that's me holding a painting of my mom, Ruby. i love this particular image of my mom and have used it time and again. i enjoy expanding ideas, trying out new ones and this is one way to do it. using the same image is not limiting, oh contra-re. using the same image over and over loosens me up. i don't have to spend time and angst thinking of what to paint. i have my subject, ready made. i am free to take liberties, to push the envelope of different colors, shape, sizes and meaning.

a previous post-- about a month ago showed me working on this image of my mom is deep blues and clear yellows. here, today, ruby is in red. a couple of months earlier still ruby was depicted in whites and light blues.

each color theme has its own mood. the light blue is airy and feels more like a day trip in reality time, enjoying a ride in a new car. the dark blue painting brings me to a place; a long ago memory---almost a fantasy--- my mom, riding the dark skies like santa claus.

this red one is a color that stirs in me a "want". a want to experience something elusive, to have an experience, a vision of fleeting beauty; like an opening rose in the early morning sun. its a mood of a state of moving, an opening, a renewal--- like a brief cast of sunlight (just for a moment) on the translucent petals of a flower. the red to me is most spiritual of all and it causes me pause to bask in it.

i feel so blessed to be able to paint and experience emotion this way, to carefully wander where everyone has been but few have had the ability to freeze its essence in time.

this is what i am thankful for this thanksgiving season---- the captured time, the hanging on to a second for longer than a second, the birth of a new idea and the exalting of it.

what is memory if not a series of seemingly insignificant moments? just like this one now. i get to capture and examine these flittering, fluttering bits of time and string them together into a tidy bundle. then i get to place them on my wall, to view and ponder some more.

happy thanksgiving week everyone. and cheers. let's indulge in red wine and remember.


Tess said...

Hi Lisa, This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your mom with us, and Yourself. I am thankful for people like you that spread inspiration and cheer everywhere they go.

SOM said...

What a beautiful image!!....oh and the painting is also very nice!!

lisa bebi said...

hahaha SOM

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