Friday, November 20, 2009

still, still, still....

working on getting things out of my house and studio - the fodder build up. i am getting a new box ready to ship out to new york today. i can't help but wonder what this person - a stranger to me, would want - what would this person (a man) value? papers? cloth? old vintage papers? i put in all those things plus stuff that i bought and will not use, like paints, ribbons, embellishments of all sorts. i wish i knew if he is a 3-d person or a painter. i did send out a query to him, but got no response. so off goes another box with about 7 lb.s of studio fodder and my studio (after shipping off about 20 boxes now) looks exactly the same. argh!

rosie didn't want a bday party, new clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. - what she wanted in the worse way was an aquarium. just a simple little one that could hold about 15 small fish - tropical fish. so that's what we did - we went to our neighborhood tropical fish store and bought an aquarium. turns out aquariums are not that easy to put together. i guess we thought we would walk out of the store with fish to swim in this aquarium - but no - its a big process. she won't be getting fish for about a month. you have to cycle the water through the pipes a few week first.

she assembled it all herself. i love that all three of my children learned to read instructions. good job rosie!
i was always one that thought i could figure it all out (assemblies) without the instructions - or that i would only need to look at the pictures - i hate to admit that. because it is a pretty foolish way to be.

she had fun picking out the sand, coral, rocks, plastic plants. its only a 6 gallon one. we got one called "the edge". nice looking - solid glass, no plastic top. i think of all the folks in my family (except my husband) rosie is the most responsible one. oh what's that? that only leaves me in the family. yeah, er, that's right. everyone but me is responsible.

i'm going to stop writing now cuz i am talking my way into a very bad light.


SOM said...

Bad light? you? Nope! Not possible!!


lisa bebi said...

hahaha! you know that i was born under that light.

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