Saturday, November 28, 2009

please follow me.....

this is "twirl girl".
hi everyone, thank you for coming to my blog. i have a request, if you have not already done so, please follow or subscribe to this blog - see on the right in the sidebar in light blue text(ok, robin's egg color)- it says - subscribe to pimp my spleen? just click that. or up top - the bar up there says "follow", click that. i mean, if you wanna.
you won't get forced into reading my blog -you will not get emails from me or other harassment. in fact nothing happens to you, you are merely doing me a favor. at the very least it shows my readers that you read it too. you can connect or network that way.
and, further, if you feel gratuitous, if you have a blog and you like mine, i would very much appreciate and love it if you mention that you follow mine on your blog's dashboard. if you email that you did this and want me to return the favor, i will. it will remain private that you did this.

the reason i am requesting this is because the fuller my readership, the more opportunities i will receive and that means i will be able to show my work in more places. that is a very, very BIG deal to me.

truthfully, it is a little frustrating to me, i know for a fact i have a better readership than i have followers because i have a hidden stat counter. the ratio of readers and followers does not make sense.
thanks, i promise to help you network too.

thank you and god bless.

twirl girl's mom, lisa

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