Monday, November 30, 2009

the long holiday is over....

it seems like it has been years since this holiday started.  my youngest daughter went camping in Big Sur, CA since tuesday morning.  we live in san diego - so big sur is a long drive north (like 2 days drive unless you are a maniac or a person on a mission).
so no cell phone or communication since tuesday.
it seemed like forever but she made it back in one piece and happy that she went (with her friend and her family).  they were so nice to take her onboard.    actaully, it sounds like she had the time of her life - although tired.  we wondered how she would like it since she is used to a nice soft bed with an electric blanket.  she admitted she missed her bed.
and she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

she said it wasn't too rough sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent for a week.  boy, i can't imagine myself doing it.  well, i did do it, once.  one overnight in a tent when i was in charge of the girl scouts.  - actually i had given up my position and the new charge did it, under the one condition -that i remain onboard for the camp out in order to help.  it wasn't far - it was only at the beach here in san diego (imperial beach).    it was for only one night - but what a  fricken nightmare.
first of all, i didn't know that the sand at imperial beach was so lumpy. it has  ice plant or something like that growing in it everywhere.  some kind of gnarly roots.  ouch.
and i put the idea out of my mind that there were sand fleas and other bugs that scurry around.  that night one of the little girls (the big loud mouthed one that no one liked)  needed some attention - she had a belly ache.  so i took her in my tent with rosie.  rosie wasn't too happy (neither was i) and yep, she did, she puked up again and again inside my tent.  ugggh.   made me wanna puke too - and rosie.
it. was. so. awful.
what kind of bad luck was that?  i had a tent with a floor attached so there was no way to clean it.  if i hadn't had a floor to the tent i could have just carried it to a new clean area.  but noOOOoo.
let's just say it was a looong night.

and that really settled it - i will never camp out again.
i really don't like to be away from my "bedsy" for any length of time.  that's one reason i don't go traveling teaching too much.  apart from the really big reason - which is, i don't want to leave my family behind.


Susan Bainbridge said...

Lisa, your stories are always so fun!

How great that Rosie went to Big Sur rather than with the hoards to the desert. Big Sur is truly one of the most incredible spots on this world!
xox Susan

lisa bebi said...

hey susan...happy holidays. oxoxoback at you.
how's the weather in your area?

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kitasmom said...

i think you should put puker girl in a tent with the last poster! you are too funny! i camped once. for an hour. and i can say there's nothing like a marriott! Linda

lisa bebi said...

how do i get rid of the asshole who posted as anonymous. i need to figure out how to erase that. grrr.

funny linda.

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