Tuesday, September 15, 2009

la jolla rough water swim.....1963

can you tell which one is me? i was happy that my family guessed right. i am the scrawny one numbered 217. wow! look at that! we had to line up in numerical order. i had forgotten that.
so yeah times have changed. my swim suit was made out of nylon. it didn't breathe very well. gave me a rash if i sat in it too long. no cap for me -and i was always sporting short green sun bleached hair - kinda like now. with the help of a little dye to cover the gray.
our numbers were on oilcloth, pinned to our butts. i worried the whole race that the pin would come loose and poke me in the behind. probably made me swim faster.
so no cap, no goggles, no speed hi-tech swim suit. just get in and swim. i think i can still her my mom screeching my name to "go"from atop the cove.
so rosie swam the mile in the la jolla rough water swim yesterday -- there were some killer huge waves there too. biggest the lifeguard said he had seen in 20 years. they looked 10 ft hi. you could definitely surf it -yeah, i'm am talking about in the cove - unbelievable -it was violent wave action. there must have been a seismic event somewhere nearby.
the la jolla rough water swim is the biggest ocean swim race in america. loads of people from all over the country come to challenge their skills in the ocean.
so rosie took 18th - which is good believe it or not. the results are posted at www.ljrws.com


Colette George said...

I knew Rosie would do well, congratulations to her! Loved the picture and the simplicity of the times reflected in the story. Fun to think back to those uncomplicated times...
the pin attaching your number and the other things going on in your mind while swimming- that's how things were, huh?
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

this is great! This was back in the day when swimmers were really tough! No goggles, no caps. I remember getting out of the pool and having my eyes burn from the chlorine. Swimmers today don't know how easy they have it.

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