Sunday, September 13, 2009

scratching the surface........

so i apply naples yellow paint onto the joshua tree...then i turn my brush around and scratch in the direction of the spines of the tree, for texture.
it has a nice and pleasing effect.

then i painted the sky in with light blue, as seen in the previous post. thats not all i did, (not shown) i also used a transparent purple to the shadowed areas.
i have been working on it. creating easy to follow paintover kits. this is a part sample of how-to do it.
kinda like, paint by numbers for the not-exactly-sure-how-to-paint-the paintover-technique-but-would-really-like-to-try-it person. the idea is that once you follow the directions in my kit and learn to do it to one picture, you will be ready to fly, fly, fly. a lot cheaper that taking a workshop and you can go back to it anytime.
in the kit i explain which colors to use and why i chose those colors and, you know, how to do it. do you like it?
BTW, that colorfulness to the left of my paper is my painting board. it gets kinda nasty and then i turn it over. i know, i know, it could be a background for art. and maybe, if i get the energy....... it will be.
i had a fine time at the reception and of course i loved receiving my cash award. yeah, baby, cha-ching. bring it on. (little dance)

BUT please learn to pronounce my last name...its only 4 is pronounced "BEH-BEE" with a short "e" as in debbie. our family really unites in our shared misery with that last name. we get mortified sometimes. rosie hates it when at each and every event at eeach and every swim meet- the announcer gets it wrong.
my husband has it the worse since his first name is gastone. (GAS-STONE). hardly anyone gets that straight either. its a dual mortification for him. (most common mistake for him is GAS-TON, you know, like a ton of gas.

so tonight, my daughter said when the gallery was announcing third place tonight, i straightened up very tall and smoothed down pants in anticipation of receiving the award until they mispronounced my last name as BEE-BYE. rosie said i immediately slumped my shoulders, deflated.
(whispers among the crowd ---they know i get tired of correcting them) then the gallery corrected itself and said BYE-BEE, (whispering and hushed voices again, you could hear a few people saying, "no that's not how you pronouce it". then ahem, cough-- uhhhhhhh, oh, what? BYE-what? oh, BEH? BEE?, oh, ok, ok.
"And third place goes to..... LISA (unsure hesitation) BEE-BEE", i nearly slapped my forehead, GAWDDAMNITTAHELLINAHANDBAG. ugh. grr. dah! aw well.
so, i caved in and went up and got my award and scolded the gallery announcer a little tiny bit under my breath- not that he cared, he was on to the second place winner.
but after getting over the name game, i enjoyed myself very much. the crowd is consistently big in that gallery. always over 300, i would say. the food's always good that helps. last night my husband spotted an unusually voracious eater. the eater was taking food by the handfuls and cramming it all in his mouth. he was about 60 - should know better. for instance at the cubed cheese plater him. PUT HIS HAND (no little fork for him) into the cheese and promptly stuffed a mouthful. must have been 10 cheese cubes in one mouth. we worried that he was going to choke. i think the gallery should put a little sign up that says "limit: only up to 2 cheese cubes in your mouth at once" and i would like to add - "we are watching you".
well, now it is nearly time to take rosie to the cove for her mile open ocean swim meet. i better get to bed. these swim meets are always very hard on my husband and me. we will probably have to have a hard drink when it is over.


kitasmom said...

feel ya on the name thing - i always get an extra vowel in the front and shortchanged one at the end. since it's my husband's name, i don't get as upset as when my maiden name took a slap. but still. and gastone is perfectly pronounceable ...shame shame! congrats again!! Linda
ps: daytime high today: 63-degrees!

lisa bebi said...

hey linda:
daytime high is 63 degrees? you stopped at the daytime high part: it should be tequila.
well, don't jump off any rooftops.
our weather daytime high will be just beer at the beach.

linda we need to get together and plan our letterman show.

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

so, hey, there, girl - do any guys ever, like, try to pick you up by saying ...
"hey, there, BEH BEEE ... I like that cool name you're sporting." ??
with a way cool French accent?!
or does your Gaston ever call you his "little beh beeeeee" ... even better! But wait, I thought your hubby was (is) Italian? That's a heck of a French name for a proper Italian. Do tell.

Damon-Eugene Rich said...

and Damon isnot Damian. There are only 2 vowels in my name. Sice no one has ever gotten it right i guess i dont care. And no one ever gets Damon-Eugene. Think Billy-Joe, Jean-Luc (Picard)

lisa bebi said...

actually davi, gastone and i have always called each other "baby".
i think people must think we are calling each other by our last they would follow suit; everyone calling us both baby.

lisa bebi said...

i am afraid i need to stand up and be counted as one of the idiots who has shortened your name to just damon. i do like damon-eugene though.

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