Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ally BlingBling at The Currant last night....

i LOVE Ally BlingBling- i met her a couple of years ago when she interviewed me on her live radio show, ArtRocks. () there is a clip of that interview on my website (warning: there is a commercial first in the tape, then i get very annooying repeating my website address)

anyway, she just makes me smile whenever i see her.
so, last night at the reception at The Currant - it just felt like "party complete" when i saw her pop in with her new boyfriend in tow.

don't get me wrong the party was BIG anyway. in fact, it was crammed...i could hardly hear myself talk - maybe that was not so good, lord knows what i said. thank you everyone who came - it made my day!


So, I have been referring to my painting as the "bigass" painting instead of its real name, "max, the party animal". then i realized just before I got to the sophisticated reception, that someone might come in and ask to see "bigass". which of course did happen. i was really hoping that the ones around either thought 1. what a dirty mouthed guest, she's probably drunk already 2. maybe this person just stepped into here from the street 3. maybe she was calling for her husband. 4. maybe she said "big glass", i.e. a big glass of wine 5. or "big class" , i.e. big class-y show.
i don't know, but i tried to run interference with a mighty "ahem" clearing of the throat. didn't work because about 7 other guests within ear shot (whom were my guests) pointed to the bigass painting on the wall.
i just wore the "i don't know why anyone would refer to a painting of mine is such a low brow wayyyyy." expression. which no one notice - but the party enveloped the statement like a wave crashing to sand - no one paid it any mind, cept me.
it was a wonderful reception, i hope someone had a camera...we left around 8:30 an hour after it was suppose to end (we had a child to take home - school night) and it was still in full swing.
if you weren't there - i'm time which will happen again next quarter.

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brookeismuchsmarterthancarlos said...

Oh my Gawd, what are all these things I'm missing?!

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