Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tonight at the currant, downtown...

what an amazing event judi and ken winslow who owe the currant restaurant downtown put on.  the wine and appetizers were to die for.   the art, of course, was fantastic.
d.goth who i knew from her series of painted broken tiles was there.  she has one of her jackson pollock style paintings in one room - the piece is massive - look like fun to do.
julia c.r. gray of super realistic koi fame was also there with her husband. her art is spectacular.

it was very, very crowded - especially on a tuesday night!   i got to see many of my collectors too.  that is always huge to meet them and have a small chat.

tomorrow more work for publishing - i must continue on.


Tess said...

Congrats to you on what must have been a very fun night.

lisa bebi said...

it sure was...tess, you will have to move here too.

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