Thursday, July 23, 2009

still painting....

i am still futzing around with the bigass painting. it should be done tomorrow.
tomorrow afternoon and all weekend rosie has a swim meet in north county san diego. it will be grueling.
and grueling for her too. ok that was a little joke.
but seriously, somehow my husband and i find a weekend long swim meet takes everything out of us.

i have been teaching my little neighbor who is 3 to swim - every day about the same time we go in for a little dip in my pool. she is getting braver and braver. she is the neighbor who owned zelda who had to be "put down" a couple of days ago. zelda, the dog, really had become too old and was paralyzed, etc.

yesterday, when i was walking the little one home she asked me if a was old like zelda. i told her yes. funny litte girl. then i began to wonder if my family would put me down soon.
today we were talking about another dog we know who is fat. that dog is my daughter's pitbull, gracie or taz as we called him when he lived with us.
little one asked me, " is he as fat as you? - huh lisa?" she asked this is a very understanding and knowing way.
i had to say, "er, yes" to that as well.
she's such a sweetie even when she insults me. today when we were swimming she told me she loves me. awwww. life is good.

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