Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i had a great and fulfilling day - i enjoyed visiting in kathy o.'s class at the stamp addict. it was partly my class too, but i was only there to add humor and entertainment. which kathy does just fine without me - so i guess i was there to just share the breathing space. i have to admit, i like going to these classes--- socializing with other artists. it does a soul some good.

later i got to teach my little neighbor girl to swim. i enjoy her company too.
she is 3 1/2.
as for my family, my son is flying home today from buffalo - he rented an apartment there for when he returns to go to SUNY - buffalo for 5 years to get his masters and phd. i think he leaves permanently in sept.
he will visit here from santa barbara in a couple of weeks. we will shop for subzero clothes together.
my daughter brooke got an honor last week. she was on the deans list at her college. she will attend UCSD in january.
my young one, rosie, is still home for the summer until august 12 - then she starts her sophmore year at helix. she has had a tough summer - all her friends have been out of town. thank goodness for swimming and surfing.
i wish i bought comicon tix on time- it would have been nice to go and take my daughter and my nephews. maybe next year.
bot my blog is boring tonight....i better get some sleep.
i just finished reading "little bee" - it was a good book in spots. i liked the voice of little bee in the beginning and last part of the book - all parts inbetween were written as though another author (poor writer) did the book. sometimes i wonder. now i need to find a new book to read.


kimg said...

Lisa, it was great to meet you yesterday. The class was fun and I enjoyed seeing your art in person.

lisa bebi said...

thank you kim. i really liked meeting you too and hearing you tales of the "american idol" concert. i wish i had gone.
oh well, next year. maybe.

thanks for coming to class.

Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Love the little girls piece! Sorry I missed your class - had a few Mystery Shops to do that morning.

I added you to my new blog and hope you stop by to visit sometime. http://voicesinmybighead.blogspot.com/

Thanks, ~Nina~

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