Friday, July 24, 2009

gracie's bday....

this is the painting of the dog (pitbull) that belongs to my daughter brooke. this is gracie or as we know him, taz. when taz lived with us for a year, we could not bring ourselves to refer to him as gracie. brooke named him gracie because he is not graceful. ok, very funny. but when he lived with us we just couldn't do a girls name on a pitbull boy - so i named him taz - for tasmanian devil. i have a feeling that the name taz is not uncommon espeically amoung pitbulls since they can often act like the cartoon tasmanian devil.
when taz first began to live with us - he still had his balls. he was very strong and very pitbull like. he hated the couple across the street who owned a stupid little yappy, crappy dog. taz would bark at it from our gate. one morning, i guess taz couldn't take it anymore, so somehow he opened the gate and bolted after them up the hill. a few hours later i get a dingdong at the was the husband of the neighbor across the street. your dog got out and ran after my wife and dog. my wife didn't know what to do so she jump on top of a car up the hill.

"jeez, i'm sorry, but where is taz?"
"i don't know i think the owner of the car has him."
yep, turns out the owner of the car up the hill had called the dog to come - she had a treat for him. he came wagging his tail. she caught him and enclosed him in her yard until i was found. the man of the wife and dog on the car wanted to press charges. i told him to go ahead. what could i say? except i thought he was an overgrown asshole -----but that has nothing to do with this incident, per se. i told him that i was truly sorry that his wife had to jump atop a car - i felt pretty sorry for the car owner as well. i had taz fenced in, afterall - it's just that, taz was just very determined to get "yappy". actually i think he only wanted to play with him, but i wasn't there to see for myself.
so my neighbor who is an asshole by anyone's account, came back over a few hours later and said OK my wife is not going to press charges. i didn't ask why not. i suppose i was supposed to kiss the ground he walked on and thank him for his charitable forgiveness....nah.

we had taz for over a year and never really diciplined him enough. he did get his balls removed right after this incident. i'm sure he thinks that is hardly fair. eventually brooke took her dog home (there were no dogs allowed where she lived, but i guess she decided to go rebel in that area.) she deciplined taz very well and went back calling him gracie. so here is a painting of my grandson gracie. its his birthday in this painting.


Nina and/or Ruthie said...

LOVE Taz!! Especially the handbag hahaha!


Annie said...

i think you handled the situation quite stayed so calm and all gracie wanted was to go shopping! love your stories!

Joy Logan said...

hahahahaha omg Lisa youre a riot!!!

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