Monday, July 27, 2009

the glass castle......

i just finished reading this book - i LOVED it. it is jeannette walls' memoir - how she was brought up in something worse the poverty - roaming around like nomads - with her 6 member family. her dad was an alcoholic who rarely worked and her mom was an artist who never showed her work. she was consumed by sentimentality. somehow they raised 4 kids - but not well. the kids had to fend for themselves - not having enough food or money for electricy, the kids loved school because they could find food in the dumpster ---left over food in lunch pails or lunches other kids didn't like or eat. and they found shelter from the freezing winters of west virgina hollows at school.
i remember my first favorite book, when i was a child - it was the boxcar children - i was truly fascinated by their bravery to live in a boxcar and the innovative measures they used to survive on their own. this book reminds me of that childhood book--- only the glass caastle is both sad and unbelievable all at once. makes you appreciate running water.
the author, jeannette walls, works for msnbc - she also hosted a e! tv show.

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