Monday, July 13, 2009

the fat roll must go!

ARGH! i just saw a photo of myself on jenny doh's blog, with ruth rae (a true sweetie pie)and all i can see is that damn jelly belly roll. argh. it is so stubborn. i have been swimming everyday and weight lifting (and situps) a couple times a week and walking up my huge ass hill e.v.e.r.y f-ing d.a.y and there that damn roll still sits. so annoying. i almost wish i was not such a (big fat)chicken - and get that belly liposucked out. but i can't --i'm too afraid of going under the knife - i mean, even if i had the extra $$$ to do it.

ok beyond the shock of seeing my own belly - i had a great time at the launch at barnes and noble in orange county. i had a great long visit with ruth rae and jenny doh and then 10 of us went to dinner together, which was a real treat and fun.
-- my family came with me - i mean: barnes and noble - there is plenty to do and its air conditioned.

which kinda reminded me of an old "married with children" episode - when the weather got really hot the "family" went to the local supermarket and found some lawn chairs and parked it with cool drinks (beer) in the refrigerator section for a day. sorta like that.
********* tomorrow:
i'm looking forward to having this big time collector come to my house tomorrow. i'm a bit anxious, but who wouldn't be. good thing the cleaning lady comes in the morning. not that the collector cares, i'm sure. i made a joke on facebook that i was worried what i should wear when a collector comes calling. i thought i was so funny because - of course a collector really couldn't care less about what i wear - or do they? i hope the joke is not on me.

did someone suggest diet?


Tess said...

Now, now, I doubt you are fat. When will women realize it is not natural to have a flat tummy. Them femal parts is in there. LOL! That was my granny talking. (As I remember from long ago.) I tried typing in into my browser and it didn't work. I'd have loved to seen your pics. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

lisa, do not, i repeat DO NOT get your tummy'll end up with a big butt. I've seen this happen.

lisa bebi said...

anonymous...hahahaha! i already have a big butt!

and its

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