Wednesday, July 15, 2009

canvas shopping today...

with my new friend -- my new collector!

i'm not rich, but i don't mind it being this way collector is!

sometimes i am totally floored at the wealth there is around us - i mean, i see people doing "just OK" near my neighborhood in nice houses that probably cost a couple of mil.
but then there are people who own entire city blocks, like my new friend.

then there are people - well maybe only one - that my artist friend joan irving recently finished a large glass public art project for - the one who owns the empire state building, NYC.
yep, the building is owned by one person - can you imagine?
this is what it must be like to meet him.
so mr. $$$, "do you own any property?"
"well, yes, i own a building in downtown manhattan."
"wow, a building in manhattan, must be nice - where is it located?"
"oh its easy to spot, it's the building with a pointy top - you know, the empire state building."

okay, i can't even write a good fake converstaiton about this it is so - well - beyond me.

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