Thursday, July 16, 2009

computer work...

our netgear expired. it died. so we were on only one computer with internet for over a week until my husband had time to get a new one and install it.
because the computer was down - my daily life changed. i suddenly had time on my hands. i didn't realize how much time i actually spent on the computer. don't tell my husband because that would prove he was right. he is always saying that i spend too much time on (that damn) computer. humph. i told him i do a lot of my work on the computer - i am not just socializing, i am networking!

what does he know, anyway? he never even reads this blog! i could be talking about him and he wouldn't know it. like i am now.

i love it when he is talking to someone, like a client, and that person tells him about things they read on my blog. things about our family. like, how our daughter has done is a swim meet or that we have relatives visiting --- he always looks puzzled - how did you know that?

i read your wife's blog.


i asked him one time, hey, how come you have never read my blog?
he said,
"i don't believe in blogs."

what kind of answer is that?
you don't have to believe to read.

so some of his colleagues read it. many of our mutual friends read it, too. of course.

when he learns of things that involve our weekend - upcoming receptions, shows, swim meets, from clients--- not only is this embarrassing - it kinda snaps him into reality! this proves i am the queen supreme communicator in our family.
that's what blogs are for, aren't they?

i find that we communicate better if i email him at work. the point is understood this way better than face to face or on the phone. i suppose if i wrote him a letter and mailed it, it might work pretty well too.

Dear Gastone:
Tonight we are having roast chicken, please bring home milk.
The Wife

nah, i would never get there in time.

so, does this happen to you?
come to think of it - it is best to communicate with my kids by texting. they respond much faster than if i phone them or email them or use facebook to talk to them. forget writing a letter - for some reason those are hard for them to read - even if typed.
just texting. try it, it works.

the kids: they read my blog too. they read it to see if i have written something about them that i should not have made public. like i would - er, well, not on purpose anyway. : )

blogs are empowering.

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Anonymous said...

you are too funny...i so enjoyed reading this post (as well as the others), lol. & i totally agree, blogs ARE empowering.

you go!

:) mary ann mck

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