Monday, July 13, 2009

orange county has weird people

ruth rae and i were sitting together (ruth had her sewing machine out) this lady who looked a bit "off" came up to us and just starred. there was a little box of dove chocolates being offered - she was eyeing that. finally ruth got into a conversation with her - explaining art quilting. ruth is very polite. but the lady wasn't tracking really you could tell. so i asked her, "do you sew?" oh yes she says very proud and suddenly inflated. i sew my husbands costumes. he is a clown in the mall - he does balloon animals.
now i really don't have anything against animal balloons or men in clown costumes hanging out in malls. er, per se.- nor the women who love them. i just couldn't see the connection with art quilting.
finally she asks, "are these chocolates for anyone?"
"yes, help yourself", ruth said.
she popped one in her mouth and was gone.

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