Monday, June 15, 2009

a day of cleaning...

OK, OK, i didn't really clean the house much today - still i did some stuff--- cleaned the refrigerator, washed the dishes, looked into my workroom and turned around and walked out again. i just can't face cleaning that room up. i really have to force myself. i need to start soon before the summer heat makes it impossible to do.

rosie is in summer school - she gets out at 12:20. i like to swim before i pick her up. my local swimming pool opens up for lap swim at 11 a.m. until today - the pool changed its opening time to 11:45. so i swam, but it was fast - i had to do it all within 25 minutes. ticked me off. but got it done. sortof. the muni. pool has kid swim lessons during lap swimming. the lap swimmers are in the deep end and the kids are in the shallow. i was in an irritable mood today (caused by the inconvenient time change) and the noise of the kids was wearing on my nerves. after my swim i stepped into a shower stall in the ladies room to shampoo and cleanup before getting dressed. i was in the furtherest possible shower stall away from those newly arriving screechy kids. after i peeled off my swim suit and lathered my head, i turned around only to be met by 3 pairs of little eyes - mouths gaping. the little shits were lined up to peek through the crack in my shower curtain. grrr. i was so annoyed.
and there was some fumbling old grandma in the background saying "now girls, help grandma get you dressed for your swim class- what are you doing over there. come back here and help your old grandma." ugh! i wanted to shout, "come get these little shits you call grandchilden". but i didn't. they were only about 4 years old. i knew better. but still. i had tried so very hard to stay clear of them and yet, there they were-- like freakin' peeping tom magnets, ooo, i was in a bad mood. and now i was fuming too.

later today, i walked to the top of our hill - which is a 10 minute heart -pounding endeavor. its very long and very steep. i make the dog and my husband do it with me. my husband is OK, but the dog hates it. he tries to pretend to be interested in everyone's front door along the way- he wants to go in their houses to lay down on their cool marble floors. i practically have to drag him up the hill by his collar - as though he were an ass. he is the size of one. damn dog - guess i'm still in a bit of a bad mood.
anyway, i should be losing some weight if i keep this up............i roasted an organic fed chicken on our rotisserie for dinner....the george foreman rotisserie we bought about 10 years ago - its still works very nicely.
oh man, am i boring and bitchy today. sorry.

ok, not much to report tonight. i gonna put this blog entry out of its misery. night all.


verobirdie said...

Sorry about your mood. I understand what you felt in the swimming pool, this has happened to me already. At the swimming pool or at the beach (even when you are alone on a large beach, there is always a family with plenty of kids that comes and wants to sit exactly where you are ...). Anyway, the picture of the little intruders during your shower made me laugh, sorry :-)
I hope today will be better.

Jill Berry said...

the good news is that this story transforms as time goes on and gets the cuteness factor up...the little shits might even have nice eyes a year from now.
I laughed. Been there.
I like the work you do. My mother was a swimmer, she looked just like this.

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Lisa, we ALL have those days; some have them ALL THE TIME. so it's a good thing you recognize when you're having a BAD DAY and just "own it". you go, girl. and may TODAY bring a quiet swim, a happy-to-drag-his-behind-up-that-hill DOG and an even tastier dinner than last night's rotisserie chicken. LOL. hugs - Davielle

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