Sunday, June 14, 2009

beautiful day for a swim....

today was a nice day - we went to my friend kathy olsen's house to help them celebrate their daughter, stephanie's graduation from UCSD. stephanie did it in 3 years. she is kinda a whizzkid. (they had bbq from phil's)
many of their friends reminded me that they knew my name from stories kathy had told them of our trip to NYC. tis true, when i had an art show in NYC i asked kathy and stephanie to come along. it was us 3 girls on the loose in the big apple. i don't think i have ever laughed so much for so long in my life. poor stephanie - with the two of us. but she did OK we ended up going to the apple store near central park and she got an iphone just when they first came out. i remember she was reading the ny times while we waited for dinner that night. that was very cool. but now just a couple of years later - this is no big deal - even my sprint phone has this feature.

finally the sun came out today. it was lovely - after the graduation party gastone and i hit the gym - after that rosie and i went swimming. i don't know why i am still awake after all this activity today. that sure was good bbq ribs from phil's at the olsen party. gastone is still talking about it too. er, he would be if he were jeez, its past mid-night again.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

Phil's is the BEST!!!!! So glad they're close but off our diet for now - wahhhhhh.
~silly sal

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