Saturday, June 13, 2009

nice reception....

thank you everyone for coming to the reception tonight. i hope you all got something good to eat and drink.
(thank you terese, painter of nurses, for coming from so far away and bringing a friend). it was a nice night. i apologize for dressing like a slob. i just couldn't find the right clothes at the last minute...why i waited for the last minute -god knows--- well, you see, i was painting right up to the final hour. naturally.

so actually i have about 6 large paintings almost done that i hoped to get done for tonight....but, ya know...i'm only one person---there is always next month.
if you came and saw the show and saw my "swim school" painting, 3 of those fish were me as a 12 year old. cool disguise, huh?
speaking of swimming...i have been intrigued lately of these 1940's swim suits. i was reading an article recently about swim suit trends - i am amazed that it was only in the early 1910's that ladies began to reveal their ankles - so these 1940's swimmers were pretty risque. wow!! 30 years- what a difference. no wonder my dad loved to hang out at the local swimming pool. he used to show off by diving off the high dive! i think he thought he could pass for errol flynn. dive bomber.

well, its bedtime for me now. the house is very quiet, except for the dog chopping his paw. allergy season.

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SOM said...

Well Duh!! your Dad knew it just as I know it....Swimmers are COOL!! : )

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