Tuesday, June 16, 2009

girl of the sea.....

today was rather uneventful - i swam and got out before the little peepers came screetching in..(see previous post). i am used the to the time change of the pool hours now. my mood is a little better.
i did the walk up the hill fighting with the dog the whole way again - except on the way down - he is always fine with that.

i need to get more med.s for the dog at the vet. turns out he has a bit of a thyroid condition. ha! what about the rest of the family - we're all overweight - well not rosie..just gastone, me and the cat and now, of course, the dog. he also needs to visit a dog dermatologist. i'm talking about the dog, (not my husband- in case you got mixed up). its amazing the conditions these pets can get. he has acne. (the dog) i secretly think it is the expensive food my husband has been feeding him. he gets select organic foods from a special farm - somewhere - god knows - but the food with fish - well, the fish are not farm raised at all - they are fished from real streams in the wild.............. or should i say the fish are wild found in streams - and the ocean too, no doubt.

i caught the dog trying to help himself to that chicken carcass from the wonderful rotisserie chicken i prepared last night. he was nosing the trash bag as it was on its way out to the outdoor trash. i called his name sharply, he looked guilty and annoyed at once. he can only outsmart me sometimes. not everytime.

well, so another day closes - it turned out to be a lovely day too. it rained a bit this morning - but that was hard to remember by noontime.
tomorrow is another day. for something.

the rest of the day as spent running the swim team - i will be glad when her coach gets back from his mom's funeral.

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