Tuesday, May 26, 2009

step 2, laying in atmospheric colors.....

a continued step-out form sunday's post...
i begin to paint in colors that surround the subject person.

i get asked if this should be photocopied first. i don't always photocopy first. i just rip the image right out of the magazine and get to work. i don't bother prepping the magazine image with mediums or varnish. for my purposes, its only a drill, so i am not too worried about paint scratching off to quickly. of course sometimes, or often times, these painted magazine images are so cool they end up stretched and placed on a canvas and placed for sell in my gallery. i always finish my work by applying UV protection and skid proof sealant or varnish. this assures the colorfastness of my work and assured durability of the piece over time.

so here you see how i begin by simply placing in color. the image, while still in the magazine, was in more of a yellow tone ( a lovely tone) but i have done so many paintings in yellow lately, that i thought i would go for a different, cooler look - so i began by painting in a cool magenta. i painted other similar colors in, but i was sure blend in the cool magenta to the other pinks, to keep the overall look of the piece consistent.

also, i put down color around her face first - on the surrounding pillows and then in her dress. next, i begin to paint her face. it is easier to paint the face after the surrounding colors are in because it sets the "glow". i will blend a bit of the surrounding colors (magentas) in her fleshtone to keep the look of her face consistent with the atmospheric colors.


Marilyn Rock said...

Lisa; thanks so much for sharing your technique, here, with the magazines images. Always beautiful. Question: are there any copyright issues with magazine images?

Pam Warden Art said...

Hi Lisa
I enjoy watching the process. I've got some Mary Kay mags here. I have to try my hand at this.
Nice seeing you on FB.

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Thanks once again for you continuing adult education classes on your blog for free. You are so generous!
Thank you again,
Silly Sal

lisa bebi said...

i just feel like sharing....i think it is easy to get too withholding then nothing is shared. but thanks for mentioning that you appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!! what about copyrights. I paint newspaper, fashion tear outs etc, but try to cover most of the photo up because of copyrights. I am curious on your views. I am not a nut I am in 21 Stampinton magazines as of the last Somerset's Altered Couture.
Lynnette April.

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