Wednesday, May 27, 2009

face and hair, demo

remember my objective here: it is to make a photo look like a painting, not make a painting look like a photo.
so examining first the face, i have washed over the face with a warm fleshtone, making sure the lightest colors are where the light hits: a small area on the forehead, the nose, upper lip and a bit on the chin. i also lightened some color on her neck. the affect of the fleshtone paint is to flatten the image and create shapes - to take away the subtle shading and replace it with flat colors. in everything i have added a touch of the magenta that i have place all around her, like in the surrounding pillows. the magenta tint is the makes up or establishes the color "atmosphere" of the painting.
next i create the hair. i see the hair as 3 tones. dark, midtone and light. for the darkest area i use a grayed purple. the grayed purple is not as dark as the tone in the photo, but it works fine with the already created "atmosphere". the highlight i use a bright yellow. yellow and purple are not pretty together (my opinion), so i blend the two together to create a warm grayed purple. although this is not a color of natural hair, the colors suit the magenta "atmosphere" and therefore works visually with the painting. not my favorite color, but will work well with the whole of the colors.

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