Saturday, May 16, 2009

work space

yeah, i know. i really should work in my workroom instead of the dining room table. but dang, i like it here. i have some cheap-ass paints on my table right now - see? but its because i am not at this moment painting anything for sell or show, instead i am experimenting with techniques for publication. that is one great thing about publishing. no need for expensive canvases or large assemblages, in fact, work on paper is fine - if it is done right. also, no need to worry about adding wires for hanging or no worry about minding specifications like no saw tooth hangers or worry about framing specifications like only use plexiglass - no glass allowed (in frames).

just do a nice job on any support and that's all it takes.
recently i have been experimenting with stains on thin red cedar in the automatic paintings style i did a couple of weeks ago. i will share them tomorrow. for now, good night.

oh and family news - rosie broke all her best times today in high school league finals- she placed 2nd in 500 yd. free (5:28) and 3rd in 200 im (2:21) and she did a 100 free split on her relay of 57.30 and she is only a freshman. awesome swim - hear this cousin kim? (cousin kim is a great swimmer too and a swim coach in kalamazoo).


Ramona said...

I'm sure you will be impressed to know that I went to kindergarten in Kalamazoo - and I remember that we frequented an outdoor pool with a rock wall - somewhere I have a glamor pose of me there in my purple swimsuit.

lisa bebi said...

i would love to paint that pic of you in that purple suit!

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