Saturday, May 16, 2009

my own copic sketch markers - a proposal

copic sketch markers and i are working on putting together a special lisa bebi's "paintover method" skin tones set of 12 markers. i was very excited to hear of this proposed news yesterday. so, if you are creating a wishlist - wish for the lisa bebi "paintover method" copic sketch marker skintone set. the skin tone colors will be all inclusive - every possible color of humankind.
be the first to order and get free instructions and small gift.

i'm kinda excited about this.

email me your wishlist, at
(not all are pictured here -er, obviously)



Joy Logan said...

Yum Lisa I want those to try...where can I get some?

The Paris Salon said...

Me too!! I'm ready to take the 'Copic' plunge, I've heard too many wonderful things about them....
Thanks for all your sharing and inspiration ;)

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