Thursday, May 14, 2009

another photo of it.

here is another photo of the finished piece of paper. still blurry because i can't seem to hold my hand steady - (i need sleep) i took this pic in the morning, trouble is you can now see the wrinkles in the paper and makes my brother's head look funny.
what i will do next is adhere the paper to a canvas or canvas board. i do this by pouring a 1/2 dollar size amount of matte medium onto the canvas and spread it out with a "bright" shaped 1" broad paintbrush. then flip over the painted paper and throughly coat the back with matte medium as well. then comes the finesse. when i lay the paper to the wet canvas - i makes sure it is centered, i flatten it with my hands, then start smoothinig out from the center to the edges with the (same) brush. i never, ever use foam brushes. they just would not work for this.
the smoothing process takes some time. i have to let it sit near me for 5, 10, 15 minutes watching it to see if bubbles well up. if they do, i gently lift the image and re- apply medium, if needed and do the "center to edge" smoothing process again. it is worth the effort.

those paintings on magazine pages that i did last week--- i put on them canvas - all of them are at my little gallery now (262 east grand, escondido, CA), priced at $100 each . hope this helps.

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Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

This has been so helpful! Thanks for taking the time to allow us insight on your creation process.

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