Saturday, May 30, 2009

best seafood in san diego

 we just had an awesome lunch at this place on ashton st.  just off morena in bay park, san diego.

we had a killer ceviche cocktail that was full of plump white fish, fresh, fresh - with some cilantro and jalapeno, etc.  it had a little kick.  the ceviche had a great light flavored chip with it.  i would have loved to se my friend's Whales Tails chips (certain % goes to whale conservation) there, they taste great.....maybe one day.

also i had a cup of  white clam chowder,  that had more clams than cream.  we had a pinot gris that made it even BETTER.  its open everyday from 11 - 9 p.m.  i think we are going again tomorrow for lunch.  they also sell fresh fish at the counter.


later tonight we celebrated my daughter brooke's 32 birthday at la boca, argentinean restaurant in little italy, san diego.  it was fun and high spirited.  but,  OK now i have had too much restaurant food (although delicious) and too much wine - ditto on delicious and now i feel  like puking.

we bought some italian cookies to take home and the dog ate them.  i think we will both (dempsey the dog and me) be upchucking later tonight.  ooooooo.  i need alka seltzer...bbblah oooouu.

damn dog.


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