Sunday, May 31, 2009

more of my art found in current publications

i know i mentioned that my article and art entitled "colors of vintage" (pages 6-8) is out now in a magazine called somerset studio gallery (top pic here).  but what i didn't know until today, not until i was perusing this magazine that i had 2 more pages of my work "spotlighted" entitled "not overdue" (pgs 176-177) featuring 6 canvases i did of men in cone hats where i included the business stamp "this account is overdue" on some of them.
and also i found (no one tells me these things, i find them out eventually) i had a page in somerset stamper's sampler magazine (p. 23) of dancing women i turned in for my artist on call work.

 i think there is one magazine out there currently with more of my artist on call work.  i had a glance of the "unusual suspects" work somewhere.  
i will try to hunt it down and show you here.  

not doubt about it, it's a real nice feeling to have so much work published these days that i have to chase it around to show you.  i don't even know where my work comes up anymore.  

about a year ago, (or so) i had counted up the number of times my artwork and my articles had been published and the number back then was over 50.  
 i don't think i will count anymore - except to count my blessings.


fredg said...

If I could get a mailing address for jim dine, i'd buy a subscription to Somerset magazine to send him with your work displayed. Congratualations and keep up the great work.

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

yeah, baby. er, yeah, BEBI. :-) loved this article in the mag - that's how I connected with you, Lisa. looking forward to meeting you soon(er or later). -- Davielle

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