Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mom and me at the beach......

i had a great day hanging out with my very funny friend, kathy olsen. she can make me laugh harder than just about anyone i know. one of these days we are going to go public with a webcam and do art and laughs in real time....but for now, we just hang out - shop for art supplies, create a little and most importantly - have lunch. today we went to the barbeque pit. i nearly never go there and love it - especially the cole slaw.

OK so you know what day of the week it is ?--- yep, american idol, its time for my run down.
i have to agree with my cousin fred - adam is the most gifted artist in the group. i can't believe he wasn't signed years ago. how did he hide himself from agents?
my favorite tonight was again danny gokey. he just speaks to me - i don't know. i also thought alison was wonderful - she is always good, but great tonight. i enjoyed chris too. he is very audio-able (is that a word?)- easy on the ears. and you know, i have wanted to see the end of matt for weeks. he was so sure he was going to "nail it" tonight too. he was pretty good, but not good enough, for me. i don't know. they are all good. and i know they will all get signed -
i think anoop would have been good tonight - but Oh well. thank goodness susan boyle lives in the UK, then we would have real trouble deciding. (talk about overnight success!!) my word. there was an english singer last year named paul (?) potts - he went on UK's got talent last year with a pudgy stomach and broken front teeth and sang beautiful opera! he is worth looking up.

as for me and my family. the news is my son --- or at least it is imminent. he wrote me a teaser today saying he had a secret that he can't tell me yet, (because i'm a BIG mouth) but that it is good news and has to do with his career. (again). that boy is going to be the most successful one out of the family - i just know it.

brooke is busy under stacks of homework - plowing ahead getting through college. and rosie is just rosie --her high school swimming is very entertaining, she is a top competitor (freshman - varsity) and we love to watch her. can't wait for CIFs.


Ralf said...

i don't know. does your daughter read your blog? she might feel sad to read you believe her brother will be "the most successful one out of the family."

lisa bebi said...

i meant it this way. brooke has had mind blowing success - i have had great success and gastone is very successful - (even rosie at age 14 in swimming is pretty damn awesome) but now jamie is stepping up, its his turn and it looks like he is going to blow us out of the water. i didn't mean to squash anyone's success stories in my family, only to illuminate jamie's new direction. its so sudden and surprising....
good point, though, glad you pointed it out. i'm not sure which daughter you mean , maybe both, but brooke and rosie are both big winners and have already proven this. thats all.

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