Monday, April 27, 2009


i taught a "paintover" workshop today at a very nice lady's house in la jolla. her name is sally. there were 9 students. each person was very kind and fun and great at art. the food was wonderful, the wine, excellent - all in all, the experience made me want to start teaching workshops again.
workshops are not all easy. even though i am the only expert in my style of art, i feel shy speaking to strangers --and i easily go on sensory overload. i know that i am this way, so i try very hard to prepare myself with a pep talk before going in and tackling the workshop crowd. but this crowd was so cool and fun, that i soon felt OK. also the wine at lunch helped a lot.

one thing i figured out today is that the pace of a workshop is slower than i had estimated. there really is no way i can introduce and teach the "paintover" method in one half day. so tomorrow i am going to sit down and hammer out the paintover workshop in smaller increments - including a couple of step-by-steps to help the new painter along while jumping feet first into this technique.

i get so mad at myself for feeling shy. i know i needn't feel that way - but tell that to my nerves. maybe if i have done enough workshops, i will overcome the shy factor. i was able to overcome it many years ago when i began to teach swimming, so i think i can do it here too.

nevertheless, the participants enjoyed the workshop and turned out nice work. that's the most important thing.


Just call me Silly Sal said...

I love your blog. You obviously have an inner voice and an Outter (is that a word?) voice. Can't wait to be with your some day when your inner voice jumps out. Your blog is so funny and interesting.

Again, had a wonderful time. I am going to re-do my father's photo since I cut part of his head off and didn't realize it until I looked at the canvas in Photoshop. Linda was kind enough to send me a photo of what I used for the background and also sent me a photo of her canvas so I can post it on my blog along with the others. I really need a new camera.

lisa bebi said...

thank you again sally for inviting me to do a workshop at your home!!! that was very generous of you.

Joelle said...

WOW! These painting/pictures look wonderful! LOVE IT!!!
Wish I lived closer.... I deff. come to your workshop.
I know how you feel too. Im a perfectionist. so hard on myself. I love what I do, but I get nervous & would rather give everything away than get paid & then I end up not doing moving forward.
So we all have our little demons, but its OUR problems... so many are just waiting for us to share...

No one cares if you are Perfect at speaking or whatever... they are their for YOU and your talent and they want the REAL you.. shy and all. ITS YOU. Its what is in your art. Being a perfect "teacher" isn't what they are buying or getting... being you the way you are is what made it all. I know it is easier said than done but the way YOU are & the way YOU teach & go about things... is what matters. Being YOU is going to make others feel at ease & feel like they too can one day do what they love. If EVERYONE was so perfect, outgoing & bla bla bla of a teacher... there would be less art created.
Don't worry about it & enjoy it.
Your wonderful!
Im glad I know you now.
Thank you for the inspiration!
Best Wishes & talk soon!
Joelle XOXO

Joelle said...

its late, so sorry so long. I had to leave & come back to this and just sent it without rereading. then wow... this was a long one.
im workig on that too. I talk TOO much some times, but Im NEVER around adults anymore so I let it all out here in Blog world : )

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