Wednesday, April 29, 2009

jamie at 15

one more photo of jamie when he was a young man. he looks so different now. its hard to believe.

if any of you would like to see the workshop and results from my paintover workshop monday, you can view them at uhm, the lady who looks like me (in a lavendar top) but has a huge gut ---is not me. er, but it would be me if the gut were smaller.

i had a great day and if you look at the results (the paintings posted) - you would agree that these ladies did well.

this friday morning - i am going to go to Paper Tails in point loma (san diego) for their one year anniversary sale. i am going in order to show my support and respect for a store who has bravely opened during a period when scrap book stores are all disappearing off the face of the earth. and also because they are having a great sale and cake. see you there. later in the morning i will be spending it was my art pal meredith cummings - she will come over to my house so that we can create all day long.

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