Sunday, March 1, 2009

for joy!

blog reader, joy logan, sent me some of her family photos about 6 months ago so that  i could  create some art with them.  
i created about 14 pieces.  these were in a show and just came down.  i thought i would share some of them with you.  i have her permission.
i believe this is her dad and grand dad.  cute little boy, huh?
i will next be submitting these pieces to the publications.  there is at least a 6 month lag time to print - so mid-summer these will probably be somerset studio magazine and at the stands.  love that magazine!!!!

home news:  our new kitty "miss dior" is getting very well acquainted with our household.  she loves our daughter, rosie.  not used to the doberman yet.  the doberman couldn't care less about her.
i'm afraid our poor "princess fifi" decided after 5 lovely years here, to run with the coyotes.  (heavy sigh).
uhm, my daughter names the cats.  if it were left to my husband the cats would have names of boxing champs (even the girls) would be called rocky marciano,  jersey joe wilcott or max schmeling -he named one cat , a white cat, "whitey bemstein" after a corner coach------ left to me - they are all called "here kitty".

i sure hope joy drops by the blog for a look.


Joy Logan said...

Lisa I saw the whole series on facebook late last night! Love these gf! You may submit I give full permission. None of these folks are alive to protest and besides why would they??? Yes this one is dad as a little boy with his dad. Adorable!

lisa bebi said...

JOY! thank you! these photos are very dear and heart warming.
i am planning on doing another series with them, if that's OK

Joy Logan said...

Anything you want to do is fine Lisa! I have tons more if you ever need old photos. Love how they look,and adore the bright colors.

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